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The digging resistance force of the tooth pin should be designed smaller

hits:3420    date:2015-10-03

  Though compare the difference between the construction characters between the imported and domestic bucket tooth pin products, and fully analysis the working conditions of the digger machine, and analysis the reason why the bucket tooth pin has the earlier efficacy problems, then combined the actual situation of our mine mountains, the experts said that the new design idea of the new type bucket tooth pin should with a smaller digging resistance forces, it means designer should pay more attention on the design of the material volume f the bucket tooth pin, especially of its effective working area.

  So when designer design the bucket tooth pin, they had to change the original surface symmetric center line position of the bucket tooth pin products, to ensure the tooth pin working surface can be fully match with the abrasion surface, which produced during the digging period, the role is to reduce the digging resistance forces during the digging.

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