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There are some different methods to increase the use life of the teeth pin products

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  Just like the other teeth pin products, if people choose to buy the Bofor bucket tooth pin, all of them all want the total use life of the Bofor bucket tooth pin is very long, so to gain this goal, the production manufactures can adopts several different methods to achieve this work. For example, about the main raw material of the Bofor bucket tooth pin, they can choose the metal material, which basis body and insert part has a very similar contents, and choose this material also can give the bucket tooth pin another function is that cooling the iron with a very fast speed.

  During the casting period, to improve the strength and resistance abrasion ability, the production manufactures can try all of their efforts to refining the basis grain of the basis body. If the economic condition permits, writer also suggest production manufacturers to provide the heat treatment for these Bofor bucket tooth pin products.

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