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How to distinguish the bucket tooth through its manufacturing weight?

hits:2420    date:2018-10-09

As genera, the surface casting marks and label for these qualify komatsu bucket teeth pins is very clearly and their tooth wall thickness is large enough, expect of this surface feature, users can distinguish the fake komatsu bucket teeth pins through its manufacturing weight too, for example, the normal manufacturing weight for purify quality bucket tooth is about six kilograms, but the total manufacturing weight for these fake bucket tooth pin is only four kilograms.

Because of the worse and short strength force, professional komatsu bucket teeth pins production supplier said these fake bucket tooth pins are easily breakage hurt due to the worse abrasion resistance property and worse strength property.

Due to the manufacturing tolerance between the fake komatsu bucket teeth pins engagement part during the casting process, the finished fake bucket teeth pin would cant install with the easily way, or because of the too large gap, the fake bucket teeth pin would easily wipe off from the entirety excavator structure, in the other words, the fake komatsu bucket teeth pins would not only enhance the working strength for excavator operators, but also harmless influence their working efficiency too.

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