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reinforced type excavate bucket is suitable for harden soil and loess soil

hits:2603    date:2018-10-09

If the construction condition and work environment of excavator machine is full of harden soil, or the soil, which has mixed up with softy stones and loess soil, professional bucket tooth pin production supplier said the selection type for excavator bucket must changed, for example, users should select the reinforced excavator bucket to instead of original standard excavator bucket.

As general, there are two different types manufacturing materials can be used to produced reinforced excavator bucket, such as the 16Mn material and Nm360 material, difference to original steel material, the manufacturing plate thickness for those two kinds material is large, so the total service life and use life of finished bucket tooth pin and bucket is extended too.

But no matter which kinds for excavator bucket and bucket tooth pin are, professional bucket tooth pin production supplier said all of them has their own durable time, it means consumers needs replace the new bucket tooth and excavator bucket with regular period, but when bucket tooth pin has too serious wear damage hurt, its replacement time must be advanced.

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