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the standard excavator bucket is makes up by 16Mn metal material

hits:2405    date:2018-10-09

With the different excavate work needs, the select and choose of bucket tooth pin and excavate bucket would has some change too, but how to select the suitable bucket tooth to help us get the better working efficiency? Professional bucket tooth pin production supplier would give the detailed explain as following:

To these light type working conditions, such as the cleaning up works and flat surface tidy works for both river channel and ditch, or the normal loading works for those common clay soil, sand and rocks, due to all of those excavate works needs the higher working efficiency, so professional bucket tooth pin production supplier said the best excavate bucket must be standard excavator bucket.

As general, the common manufacturing material of standard excavator bucket must be 16Mn steel material, which manufacturing thickness is match with standard requirement, and the 16Mn bucket tooth pin and bucket can be regard as the best qualify excavate bucket in our domestic market.


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