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Why excavator bucket tooth is hardly to insert into needed excavate substances?

hits:2363    date:2018-10-09

All of the current China bucket tooth pin products are hardly to insert into needed excavate substances, which is harmless to improve the excavate potency, but also speed up the wear out failure to entirety excavator equipment within certain degree, so right optimize the construction structure of China bucket tooth pin is very necessary and urgent.

The normal China bucket tooth pin products has been produced with three separate parts, such as the excavate bucket tooth, the working surface and the cavity body, but only the excavator bucket tooth part needs closely contact with the needed excavate substances, and due to the common manufacturing appearance of China bucket tooth pin is rectangle shape, which would cant insert into substances with smooth way.

If the insert depth is not deep enough,the entirety excavator would consume more energy to finished the same excavate work, so the excavate potency is reduced and the total using time for excavator machine would be shorten too.

Because of the same manufacturing thickness between the excavator bucket tooth and connection seat positions and another parts, so these needed bearing stress force would be connected and combined together, but lead to the China bucket tooth pin direct breakage or fall off during excavate process.

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