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Should never stock and display the excavator bucket tooth with roughness way

hits:2579    date:2018-10-09

As long as the China bucket tooth pin cant be normal working, the entirety excavator machine would cant normal applied too, so the suitable maintenance to excavator bucket tooth is very important, for example, writer warn users should never stock and storage these China bucket tooth pin with the hurry time, or seal up them with blindness way, the best step is provide the maintenance and tidiness first, then stock them in the dry and high places.

When clean and tidy these China bucket tooth pin, users needs remember use the clean fabric to clean away all of the surface pollution substances, dusts and impurities, especially of the edge and side of China bucket tooth pin needs maintain clearly all the time, so both of them would maintain the good running state during next working period.

After the excavate work is finished and China bucket tooth pin has contact with several different types soil, so the abrasion damage hurt would appeared, so users should carefully check and repair them in time.

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