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Die forming technique would help improve materials use ratio with the biggest degree

hits:2602    date:2018-10-09

Professional bucket tooth pin manufacturer said excavator bucket tooth is normal used as the easily damage hurt accessory for both excavator machine and loader machine, so according to actual production requirement, professional bucket tooth pin manufacturer would adopts the die forming technique to forming produce the excavator bucket tooth, which would ensure the biggest material use ratio during the entirety molding process, and reduce production costs.

If the excavator bucket tooth manufacturing material is 40MnB, and its external appearance is symmetry and long length, but if one edge is bigger than another edge, and the larger edge has the inner embolic depth groove, professional bucket tooth pin manufacturer said this type excavator bucket tooth belongs to complex manufacturing shape symmetry parts, which should never produced by open die forging technique anymore.

Compared with another production technique, professional bucket tooth pin manufacturer said the production efficiency of closed die forming technique is higher, both of the external appearance and dimension stabilize for finished forming pieces is excellent too.

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