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Excavator bucket tooth has the different abrasion wear mechanism under different working condition

hits:2737    date:2018-10-09

Under the different working conditions, professional bucket tooth pin manufacturer said the abrasion wear mechanism for excavator bucket tooth would has some difference than before, which can be divided into micro shear abrasion wear mechanism,the repeatedly plasticity deformation changing and breakage mechanism and low fatigue abrasion wear mechanism.

Under the high impact and worse work conditions, professional bucket tooth pin manufacturersaid the harmless influence for micro shear abrasion wear mechanism is worst to excavator bucket tooth surface material, and drilling mechanism has maintain the same influence to micro shear.

So profession research staffs suggests professional bucket tooth pin manufacturer take advantage of drill pin to simulate the micro shear abrasion wear for excavator bucket tooth, and the drill hole dimension must confirmed on the basic of drill head specification. so professional bucket tooth pin manufacturer dont need to cut off the excavator bucket tooth samples, they just needs right control the testing zone, to get the total material consume quantity within short time, but also guarantee the correct check result.


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