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Do you know the difference between inlay casting excavator bucket tooth and cast infiltrated excavator bucket tooth?

hits:2657    date:2018-10-09

Professional bucket tooth pin manufacturer said the main manufacturing material of inlay cast excavator bucket tooth must be high manganese steel with high enough tenacity capacity, and the insert material must be high chrome casting iron material, which must used on the excavator bucket within four square meters cavity, and professional bucket tooth pin manufacturer said its total service life is almost more three times longer than high manganese steel.

Especially of the high chrome casting iron inlay casting high manganese steel excavator bucket, which total service life can be extended about more fifty percent longer.

As same as the surface chrome iron casting technology, professional bucket tooth pin manufacturer confess the total service life for finished excavator bucket tooth can be extend more fifty percent according to cast infiltration technique too.

Professional bucket tooth pin manufacturer said the cast infiltration technique can be regard as the metal surface alloying technique, coating technique or the surface recovered casting technique,etc.


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