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Tensile stress force of dendritic crystal layer should never beyond the biggest strength limiting for liquid film

hits:2589    date:2018-10-09

Professional liebherr excavator lock pins production supplier confess that as long as the actual tensile stress force for excavator bucket tooth dendritic crystal layer is equal or beyond the limited strength for liquid film, these dendritic crystal would be pulled away, but if there are big enough metal liquid has flowing into the tensile breakage positions timely, the finished liebherr excavator lock pins casting pieces surface would never has thermal cracks problem, or the finished excavator bucket tooth would has thermal cracks due to lack of forming metal liquid.

Professional liebherr excavator lock pins production supplier said another reason lead to excavator bucket tooth casting pieces thermal cracks problem is because of the unevenness shrinkage after forming process, for example, during the liebherr excavator lock pins accessory fill cavity process, if the temperature filed of forming mold is unevenness, the final forming ratio pressure would be lower, so the feeding shrinkage cant be finished with efficiency way, but lead to the unevenness shrinkage phenomenon.

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