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Quenching and tempering organization for martensite wear resistance steel excavator bucket tooth is very complex

hits:2630    date:2018-10-09

If the manufacturing material of finished liebherr excavator lock pins and excavator bucket tooth products belongs to martensite wear resistance type steel, we would find its tempering and quenching organization has a complex compound element, which is including the plate type martensite, less austenite residue, the tempering carbide products and less ball shape impurities, etc.

Take advantage of the vacuum pouring process and steel spot chilling casting technique, but provide the quenching process and tempering heat treatment process, professional liebherr excavator lock pins production supplier said even these common casting working pieces can get more martensite organization as well, so the final casting pieces would gained higher harden degree and better wear resistance property.

Difference to another casting technique, professional liebherr excavator lock pins production supplier said the smelting mold casting technique would makes the finished excavator bucket tooth gained higher dimension precision degree, and the surface roughness degree is lower than another casting technique process, which can be used to casting forming these complex or strange shape small holes and thin wall casting working pieces.

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