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the composite costs of bead welding method is lower is better

hits:3119    date:2018-01-24

  When select and chose the bead welding method for China bucket tooth pin and bucket tooth, users needs fully take account of several different factors to help them make the right decision, for example, the best bead welding method for China bucket tooth pin should has the low dilution rate but high deposit speed and efficiency; according to the final welding shape complex degree and batch size, the final bead welding method gained the lower composite costs is better.

  But fully take account of the China bucket tooth pin and excavator bucket tooth structure, writer suggests users choose the manual electric arc welding method.


  The last step is right select the needed bead welding metal material, for example, which would not only match with the using performance requirement for China bucket tooth pin during normal work time, but also needs gained the excellent welding property, for example, under the common welding condition, the welding metal material needs perfect combined with basic body but never produce any welding flaws.

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