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why excavator front bucket tooth and main blade plate is easily has brittle failure?

hits:3251    date:2018-01-22

  Because of the front bucket tooth and main blade plate, which installed on the loader machine and excavator bucket been produced with the low harden degree, worse wearing resistance capacity and lack of tenacity property, famous brands China bucket tooth pin production supplier indicate that under the double effect influence, such as the millings grains impact force and sliding friction force, both of them would easily has brittle failure. According to incomplete statistic data, the total consume value for both China bucket tooth pin and main blade plate is at least several hundred tons in our country for each year.


  So to reduce the total consume value for China bucket tooth pin and bucket tooth, but improve the mechanical parts’ wearing resistance capacity, the wearing resistance bead welding technology is the best choice, which would bead welding a abrasion resistance alloy layer on the carbon steel or low alloy steel working piece surface, so bucket tooth would maintain its original strength and tenacity, but its basic material costs is reduced yet.

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