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main current manufacturing process about bucket tooth must be precision casting process

hits:3102    date:2018-01-20

  Even through the main manufacturing processing for both finished bucket tooth and China bucket tooth pin is including the sand casting processing, the forging and stamping processing and the precision casting process, but famous brands China bucket tooth pin production supplier confess that last type manufacturing process is the most popular and widely used, for example, almost of the bucket tooth, which sold in our domestic market are produced by precision casting process.

  Professional famous brands China bucket tooth pin production supplier said the sand casting process is suitable for these common use bucket tooth products, due to its final manufacturing strength is not very high and its production costs is cheaper than another casting process too.


  The production costs for China bucket tooth pin forging and stamping casting process is the higher than sand casting process and precision casting process, so the finished bucket tooth would be produced within best quality and highest technological level as well.

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