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analysis and discussion about bucket tooth

hits:2696    date:2018-01-16

  Firstly: according to the loads carrying condition for China bucket tooth pin, we would find the working surface for bucket tooth must contact with the needed excavate substances, even in the same entirety excavate process, its loads carrying condition still has the big difference under the different work stage.

  Secondly: the technological processing analyze about the China bucket tooth pin needed users make two samples from the front and back working surface for bucket tooth, the next step is milling them into smooth appearance and make the harden inspection next.

  Thirdly: according to the organization metal dimensional data about China bucket tooth pin, we can find the organization of bucket tooth is the black color shred shape, and the insert organization is the white color massive shape.


  Lastly: through analyze the using performance about China bucket tooth pin, we can find the abrasion resistance property for bucket tooth basic body and insert massive is better than No 45 steel.

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