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bucket tooth pin can be recycle using for several time

hits:2550    date:2018-01-10

  Along with the bucket tooth top part normal bearing the loading force, famous brands ESCO bucket tooth pin production supplier said this loading force would direct transport to tooth holder edge part later, but makes the bucket gained the larger excavate capacity, and due to the ESCO bucket tooth pin insert mode is the vertical direction, the entirety installation structure of bucket tooth can be regard as the integral structure, which is more safety, both of the installation and tear down process can be proceed with more easily way too.

  Doesn’t like the bucket tooth top part, the ESCO bucket tooth pin can be free recycle using for several times, for example, under the help of the bucket tooth top ear but fully covered up by bucket tooth top, the ESCO bucket tooth pin would never hurt by abrasion phenomenon anymore.


  Due to these loading force for bucket tooth top part would transport to bucket tooth holder, and the ESCO bucket tooth pin would never harmless influenced by these frontal impact force too.

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