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tooth top shape needs maintain sharpness all the time

hits:2616    date:2018-01-06

  As long as the ESCO bucket tooth pin tooth top part is sharpness enough during the excavate work, excavator drivers would consume less time and labor force to finished the original excavate work, so the total oil consume value is reduced at the same time.

  Besides, famous brands ESCO bucket tooth pin production supplier said the sharpness bucket tooth top part is meaning the bucket tooth pins gained the strong enough penetrating capacity, which would help to reduce the actual loads force on excavator motor part, wheel part, transmission and hydraulic system, etc.


  Because of the special installation design, such as the vertical ESCO bucket tooth pin, which can be replaced and installed with the faster speed and more convenience way, and because of the special rotary assemble mode, the vertical ESCO bucket tooth pin part would help reduce the deformation changes for bucket tooth due to the external stress force, and the bucket tooth top can be installed and replaced with more easily way too.

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