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why high manganese steel bucket teeth pins can’t used in high temperature work condition?

hits:3165    date:2017-12-31

  According to testing and inspection data, famous brands caterpillar bucket teeth pins production supplier find when the heating up temperature of high manganese steel is above two hundred and fifty centigrade degrees for the second time, the finished high manganese caterpillar bucket teeth pins would start separate out carbide substances along with the crystal boundary line, so the tenacity property of high manganese steel would be reduced, but also serious harmless influence the excellent performance of high manganese steel too.


  As long as the high manganese steel is heat up again but cold down with the fast speed, the carbide substances would start separate out from the crystal boundary position first, along with the extend standing time for carbide substances, the crystal boundary carbide substances would layout with the mesh shape, so the fragility property would be enlarged, so famous brands caterpillar bucket teeth pins production supplier warn users should never use high manganese bucket teeth pins in high temperature condition anymore.

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