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the best welding current of intermittent welding is 160 ampere

hits:2824    date:2017-12-11

  To welding repair the abrasion hurt caterpillar bucket teeth pins, users needs use the suitable welding rod to make the positioned welding on bucket teeth pin two broadsides first, then adopts the right welding rod about four millimeters diameter to make the intermittent welding process next, and famous brands caterpillar bucket teeth pins supplier said the best welding current must be 160 ampere, and one piece of welding rod must use off with at least three to four times.

  During the stopping welding period, users should use a big amount of cold water to right cooling down the welding bead temperature under fifty centigrade degree, but also use the hammer to continue ramming the caterpillar bucket teeth pins at the same time, the purpose is to prevent the carbide substances been separated out, but also help to eliminate the stress force.


  To maintain the good symmetry for welding seam, famous brands caterpillar bucket teeth pins production supplier needs change the right and left direction welding rule in time, until the total welding foot can be sixteen millimeters.

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