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the total welding seam length for positioned welding process should never beyond thirty millimeters

hits:2828    date:2017-12-09

  If users select the positioned welding process to repair the broken hurt caterpillar bucket teeth pins, the best welding rod choice must be D266 welding rod, which manufacturing diameter is thirty two millimeters, so after users assemble the caterpillar bucket teeth pins on the right place, the positioned welding must finished on two sides of bucket tooth pin, but the total seam length would never beyond thirty millimeters anymore.

  After the welding processing is finished, users needs put the caterpillar bucket teeth pins into cold water and hammering them next. If use the D266 welding rod finished the backing welding process for caterpillar bucket teeth pins, famous brands caterpillar bucket teeth pins production supplier said the best actual welding circuit is smaller is better, such as the interval welding and shorten segment processing is the best choice.


  After stopping welding process, the timely water cooling is very important to caterpillar bucket teeth pins, due to its inter layer temperature should never beyond fifty centigrade degree.

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