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cut off the abrasion hurt tooth top before the repair welding process

hits:2641    date:2017-12-07

  The caterpillar bucket teeth pins is used as one easily damage hurt part, and users can take advantage of suitable welding process to repair them next, but famous brands caterpillar bucket teeth pins production supplier warn users needs remember cut off the entirety abrasion hurt teeth top part first, the next step is use the angle milling machine to right milling the actual caterpillar bucket teeth pins installation place, but needs clean away all of the rust and soil dirt, and detailed check if there has some cracks flaws or not.


  To needed welding caterpillar bucket teeth pins position, users should use the carbon arc gouging to make one beveled groove first and use the milling machine to clean away it next, then normal install the caterpillar bucket teeth pins on the right place, but use the No D266 welding rod, which diameter is about thirty two millimeters to make the needed positioned welding on the two side of bucket tooth pins, but the total welding bead length must smaller than thirty millimeters.

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