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the working principle for excavator bucket tooth pin ultrasonic flaw detection

hits:2619    date:2017-12-03

  During the excavator komatsu bucket teeth pins normal production processing, the needed ultrasonic flaw detection processing is very important, and even through the specification of ultrasonic flaw detection is variety, but the pulse reaction type ultrasonic flaw detector is the most popular, so famous brands komatsu bucket teeth pins production supplier would detailed explain its working principle as following:

  To these evenness material in the common condition, along with the flaw phenomenon would lead to non continuous of material and unevenness auditory resistance, but the ultrasonic would produce the reaction on the boundary surface for these two types auditory resistance, and famous brands komatsu bucket teeth pins supplier said this is working principle for pulse reaction type ultrasonic flaw detector.


  Famous brands komatsu bucket teeth pins production supplier said the common scanning mode for hand held type pulse reaction ultrasonic flaw detector belongs to A scanning mode, the horizontal abscissa is express the propagation time or distance of needed testing material, and the vertical abscissa is express the amplitude of ultrasonic reaction weave.

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