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109. improved high manganese bucket tooth has more ten to thirty percent yield strength than common high manganese bucket tooth

hits:2547    date:2017-12-01

  Under the help of tungsten alloying method, which need add about two percent chrome element into original common high manganese steel,which can be used to manufacturing into improved type high manganese komatsu bucket teeth pins and its yield strength is more ten to thirty percent higher. Under the help of micro alloying material, such as add vanadium element and titanium element to traditional manganese steel, which would gained about more thirty percent strength than common high manganese komatsu bucket teeth pins too.


  In our domestic country, the micro alloy method is very popular, and famous brands komatsu bucket teeth pins manufacturing supplier needs provide the dispersion hardening heat treatment at the same time, so the micro alloy carbine substances would dissolve on austenite body,and the actual abrasion resistance property for original high manganese steel would has a big improvement, so the total service life of finished komatsu bucket teeth pins can be more seventy to ninety percent longer.

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