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bucket tooth using performance is depend on actual material organization

hits:2340    date:2017-11-21

  The total service life for finished komatsu bucket teeth pins has a very closely relation ship to its using performance, but the using performance is confirmed on the basic of actual manufacturing material organization, so right conform the komatsu bucket teeth pins material organization can be regard as the important aspect, which used to improve the total bucket tooth use life.

  Expect of the needed high enough strength and abrasion resistance property, the finished komatsu bucket teeth pins needed gained the high enough plasticity property and tenacity property too, so because of the high strength and harden degree, the lathe martensite material has come into the best ideal manufacturing material for komatsu bucket teeth pins.


  Take advantage of suitable heat treatment process, even through the low alloy abrasion resistance steel would gained the excellent organization like the lather martensite material too, and compare with high manganese steel, the alloy element content of low alloy abrasion resistance steel is lower and the production costs is lower too.

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