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91. the relation ship between manufacturers’ process technology and bucket tooth pin quality is very closely

hits:3304    date:2017-11-15

   Different famous brands bucket tooth pin manufacturer has the different manufacturing process technology and produce the different influence to final manufacturing quality of bucket tooth pin products, so users needs take two samples from the both front and back work surface of bucket tooth pin, carefully milling them into flat surface and make the harden testing next.

  If the harden degree tolerance is very huge on the same sample, famous brands bucket tooth pin manufacturer said the first reason must due to unevenness material. After provide the milling, polishing and corrosion process for each samples, would would find there has the obvious boundary line on each testing sample surface, but the appear position is different.

  If just distinguish the bucket tooth pin from the external appearance, famous brands bucket tooth pin manufacturer said the casting bucket tooth pin would has the more darkness color on center part, but color for bucket tooth pin around part belongs to slight gray color.

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