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choose the qualify anti freezing solution to avoid high temperature phenomenon

hits:3257    date:2017-10-26

  To prevent the excavator high temperature problem, professional famous brands excavator bucket adaptorer supplier said consumers should pay more attention on the purchase of anti freezing solution first, but choose the best qualify anti freezing solution at the end, to these fake anti freezing solution, which would leave a big amount of water incrustation in water tank after used for certain time yet, so the high temperature problem would appeared next.

  Besides, in the summer days, professional famous brands excavator bucket adaptorer production supplier said excavator users should keep a habit to add anti freezing solution to excavator machine during normal work period too.


  With the aging problem of fan part, professional famous brands excavator bucket adaptorer supplier said the heat dissipation ability of excavator machine would become worse, so to prevent high temperature problem, writer suggests users tighten the fan belt but choose the belt wheel within the smaller diameter, which can be used to enlarge the actual turning speed of fan part.

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