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air draft type cooling fan is popular for most kinds of excavator structure

hits:2382    date:2017-10-25

  To these common brands excavator machine, professional famous brands komatsu bucket teeth pins design and production supplier said the best fan part must be air draft type cooling fan, for example, along with the normal working of engine part, the bend axle of engine part would take advantage of belt and drive the fan to starting rotary turning.

  professional famous brands komatsu bucket teeth pins production and design manufacturer said due to most of the excavator structure belongs to rigidity connection mode, so all of the outside cold air of the excavator door would be absorbed into engine part and flowing to engine part machine body, but discharge out from the upper cooling hole, which is closely to hydraulic oil tank at the end.


  During the entirety circular process, professional famous brands komatsu bucket teeth pins production designer said the cold air has to go through the cooling water tank, hydraulic oil cooling device, air condition cooling device and middle cooling device, but take away several heat energy from cooling device at the same time.

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