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The depth of the punching should be suitable

hits:3265    date:2015-09-05

  Firstly: when we install the excavator segment bolt, firstly, we need dig a whole first, writer need attention common people that the depth of the punching should be suitable, for example, the best depth is deep about five millimeters than the total length of the excavator segment bolt.

  Secondly: excavator segment bolt has a very strict requirements to the earth ground, for example, the hardness of the earth ground is harder, the installation result would be better, but people also had to fully take account of the current stress situation of the needed fixed materials. For example, if install the excavator segment bolt in the concrete, then the total stress strength would be five times bigger than the brick construction.

  Lastly: if the working condition of the excavator segment bolt is in the concrete, then the ideal and biggest suffer stress power should never beyond five hundred and ten kilograms.

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