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Bofor bucket tooth pin put the resistance abrasion material on its teeth top position

hits:3324    date:2015-09-03

  Difference to the other kinds of the tooth pin products, to improve the resistance abrasion ability, production manufacturers had add some resistance abrasion materials on the construction of the Bofor bucket tooth pin, but this kind tooth pin products has put the resistance abrasion materials on its teeth top position, so after the pouring concrete, these resistance abrasion material would be good fixed on the teeth pin.

  The thickness of the insert complex Bofor bucket tooth pin’ insert is about ten to twelve millimeters, and the gap happen rate is about fifty percents, so the material of the Bofor bucket tooth pin has a very high hardness and use the test machine to test its hardness, the test result would be range from 1200 to 1250. Sometimes, production manufactures also used the high chrome powder materials mixed with the water glass materials to produce the Bofor bucket tooth pin.

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