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Stamp groove on liebherr excavator lock pins before welding process

hits:3497    date:2015-08-31

  Generally speaking, before provide the welding process to these new liebherr excavator lock pins products, people need to stamp the confirm groove on the surface of the liebherr excavator lock pins first, the main role is to ensure the final welding result, then according the confirm rule or law to welding the liebherr excavator lock pins, such as that welding the inside part first and welding the outside later. After welding a welding gap, the position of the welding strip need be adjust to the outside direction for three to four millimeters, so this new welding gap can cover up about one of third of the last welding gap.

  To ensure the welding surface of the liebherr excavator lock pins is perfect and looks like very beauty, people need to continue work to finish all of the welding works without no breaks, so all of the welding gaps can be uniformity layout and the surface of the liebherr excavator lock pins can be very smooth and plat.

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