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The hardness requirement of the ESCO bucket tooth pin

hits:3283    date:2015-08-29

  To check if the hardness of the ESCO bucket tooth pin is meet up with the production standard requirement or not, writer suggests them to use two different kinds of the hardness test tool to check the hardness degree, they are the HRS-150 Digital display rock well hardness tester and the MHV-2000 Digital micro hardness tester, people need to check the hardness test on the ESCO bucket tooth pin from the two sides of the interface and check if there had exist some obvious difference, for example, if the hardness difference is very obvious, it means this ESCO bucket tooth pin is the insert structure.

  So all of the sealing parts of the ESCO bucket tooth pin are the insert, and the around part is the basis body. Writer also attention people that the mechanical property of the metal material is on the basic of the main contents of the material and the heat treatment technical, so if the material contents are same but the hardness has difference, it means after the casting process, the ESCO bucket tooth pin don’t produced by the heat treatment.

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