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Never stock and use different grade and brands engine oil at the same time

hits:2760    date:2017-07-15

  To guarantee the best excavate efficiency, all professional bucket tooth pin excavator drivers keep a regular excavator washing habit is very important, but when washing the internal space of cooling system, profession bucket tooth pin excavator drivers needs to guarantee the engine part surface temperature is fully cold down yet, then use a small strength to slowly screw loosen the water intake cover but guarantee all of the internal water tank pressure has fully released yet,then start to add fresh water into water tank next.

  Professional bucket tooth pin production manufacturer warn excavator drivers never mixed up these different grade and specification engine oil products into same place, but also choose the different brands diesel oil products depend on the different work condition temperature. To prevent water, dusts, powder dusts and another grains substances insert into excavator using oil products, professional bucket tooth pin production supplier suggests drivers install oil tank cover to prevent this problem.

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