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Pay more attention on excavator structure thermal insulation work

hits:3047    date:2017-07-09

  If excavator drivers doesn’t take right measures to provide the suitable thermal insulation works for excavator structure, which would easy lead to serious consequences, such as reduce the total work life, but abrasion damage the engine part at the same time. Professional bucket tooth pin production manufacturer said due to the temperature is very low during the cold winter days, which would causes the diesel oil engine part face to the too cooling phenomenon during the normal work time, so maintain the right thermal insulation work is the key to right maintenance diesel oil engine part in winter days.

  Especially in these cold north places, professional bucket tooth pin production supplier suggests excavator drivers bought the profession anti cold equipment and products to protect the diesel oil engine part, such as the heat insulation cover and heat insulation curtain. After starting the engine part in cold winter days, professional bucket tooth pin production supplier suggests drivers continue engine part continue work within low speed about several minutes, then put into the common loads works since the temperature of cooling water is raising to sixty degree.

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