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The excavator bucket adaptorer can automatic check the electric power

hits:4142    date:2015-08-21

  If on the construction of the excavator, it had been produced with the excavator bucket adaptorer, then during the normal use life, the excavator bucket adaptorer can be free and fully automatic check the electric power, which range from 100 to 200v, so this is also the reason why most of the excavator bucket adaptorer has adopts the external insert type, and only use one electric wire to connect with the excavator, choose this connection method not only can reduce the total volume of the excavator, but also can reduce the total weight of the excavator.

  But some production manufacturers still choose to install the excavator bucket adaptorer in the inner space of the excavator, because it is more safety. But no matter which insert way, the common character of these excavator bucket adaptorer products is that they all has one nameplate, which listed its main index data, such as the power, output and input electric power and the electric current flow.

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