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Teeth pins carrying the different loads within the different excavate process

hits:2680    date:2017-03-24

  Through check the contract surface between the work surface of wheel loader tooth pin and the needed excavate substances, we can find the carrying loads condition for the wheel loader tooth pin had been changed rely on the changing of the excavate processes, for example, because the teeth top part should contact the surface of the needed excavate substances firstly, and due to the too fast excavate speed, the wheel loader tooth pin teeth top part would suffer the more impact force, so as long as the yield strength of the bucket teeth pins are not big enough, the entirety wheel loader tooth pin would easy has the plastic deformation changes on teeth top part.


  With the increasing of the excavate depth, the wheel loader tooth pin would suffer the different loads and impact force at the same time. For example, when we use the bucket teeth pins to resolve the substances, between the needed excavate substances and bucket teeth pins would make the relative motion action, which would manufacturing a large extrusion pressure on the surface, so between the work surface of wheel loader tooth pin and substances would exist a big friction force.

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