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Pay more attention on these four details during checkout period

hits:2638    date:2017-03-15

  To help maintain the best work condition for the entirety loader machine, professional wheel loader tooth pin production manufacturer warn consumers remember detailed checkout the loader machine before normal starting , especially of these four different details as following:

  The first detail is right check the teeth wheel oil and lubrication oil, such if its total quantity are suitable or people needs replace the new lubrication oil or not, then give the right handle methods in time. The second details needs to detailed check is the piston rod for each hydraulic oil cylinder, professional wheel loader tooth pin production manufacturer attention that as long as the surface zine coating layer of piston rod has wipe off or has the serious damages, users all can’t continue use this loader machine anymore, until the new piston rod had been installed on loader machine.


  The third details is to right check the abrasion degree for each wheel loader tooth pin and broadside teeth, if there is really necessary, consumers can choose to replace the relative mechanical parts in time; the last details is to right check the oil permeation condition for each system.

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