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Excellent check before transport to guarantee smaller malfunction rate

hits:2746    date:2017-03-06

  According to relative research, professional wheel loader tooth pin production manufacture said there are most seventy percent malfunction problem are caused due to the wrong checkout before the normal transport, such as detailed check the fuel oil gas, cooling liquid body and engine oil etc, because the excellent before transport check can help to prevent these common appeared problems, but shorten the total machine stop time to create larger profits, and professional wheel loader tooth pin production manufacturer said checkout before transport also can help to promote the using value for these second using or sold loader machines too.


  For example, before starting the loader machine, professional wheel loader tooth pin production manufacturer warn consumers to display the safety conditions about three to five minutes, but needs to ensure the display earth ground has the certain incline degree, then starting the engine part about three minutes, then check if the temperature of the hydraulic oil and engine oil is raised into the suitable range.

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