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The surface of bucket teeth is easily been abrasion damage

hits:2741    date:2017-01-29

  Professional wheel loader tooth pin production manufacturer indicate that because the surface of the loader bucket teeth pins are easily to suffer the abrasion damages, so consumers should take some relative protections to help extend its total use life, so in this article, professional wheel loader tooth pin production manufacturer will teach consumers how to right protect the wheel loader tooth pin according to the different abrasion resistance features of tooth pins as following:

  to improve the surface harden degree of wheel loader tooth pin, writer can provide several different choices for manufacturing enterprises to choose, such as the external surface quenching technique, which help to form into the compound chemical and physical bead layer on the loader teeth pins surface, the external surface coating technique and spray welding technique, etc.


  To improve the surface smooth degree but reduce the friction of wheel loader tooth pin, writer suggests manufacturing enterprises choose the compound plating technique and coating technique, etc.

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