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How to prevent the waggle phenomenon?

hits:2729    date:2017-04-08

  To prevent the excavator tooth pin and rubber has the waggle phenomenon during the normal use life, writer said the based solve method is provide the reinforce treatment to the based plate, which also can help to guarantee the excavator tooth pin and rubber natural exert its best effects and performance too.

  Even through the manufacturing materials of excavator tooth pin and rubber belongs to top grade manufacturing materials, such as stainless steel and alloy steel materials due to the large harden degree, but because bucket teeth needs suffer large friction force and impact force during the excavate time, so as long as the large impact and waggle phenomenon happened, which would causes the serious abrasion and deformation changes, so the excavator would can’t normal used anymore, so consumers should take measures to prevent the waggle phenomenon and replace the serious abrasion damage excavator tooth pin and rubber in time.


  Consumers also needs keep a habit to check if the excavator tooth pin and rubber is lack of the fuel or lubrication oil and add them timely.

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