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Both the teeth root and based plate of bucket teeth should produced by reinforcement treatment

hits:2637    date:2017-03-30

  Professional excavator tooth pin and rubber production manufacturer said the main reason why provide the reinforcement treatment to bucket teeth root part is to prevent the shake phenomenon during the normal excavate period, but also help to prevent the serious abrasion damages happened on excavator tooth pin and rubber surface.

  The main roles for the reinforcement treatment of the excavator tooth pin and rubber based plate part is help to prevent the bucket teeth pins has the waggle phenomenon among the actual excavate works, so the final excavate speed can be controlled into the suitable range, but also guarantee the whole excavate works been finished within less time.


  The last needed reinforcement treatment part of the excavator tooth pin and rubber is the broad side, which needs direct contact with the needed excavate substances within closely distance, so only the broad side maintain the best condition, the final excavate efficiency can be guaranteed at the end.

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