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Welding requirements for the wheel loader tooth pin

hits:4030    date:2015-08-21

  Firstly: the layer of the wheel loader tooth pin, which used to provide the welding process, its surface need be very smooth and bright, for example, look at the appearance of this needed welding layer, we can’t find any flaws, such as the cracks, slag inclusion and undercut and so on.

  Secondly: before the welding process, people also need to ensure all of the welding parameters, which used in the wheel loader tooth pin had been right adjust, for example, the right working situation for the wheel loader tooth pin is that promise the high welding quality, people can choose the big electric power but with a slowly welding speed to finish all of the welding works.

  Lastly: after all of the welding processes are finished, people need to use the hammer to press the wheel loader tooth pin timely, or put the wheel loader tooth pin into the water to cooling, the purpose is to ensure all of the stress can be disperse.

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