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Extend sell measures to sell the China bucket tooth pin to whole world market

hits:3790    date:2015-08-21

  Compared with the other overseas countries, the quality of our China bucket tooth pin is same with these imported bucket tooth pin products, but the market shares of our China bucket tooth pin products in the whole world market is still very small, the reason is because the entirety marketing level of our bucket tooth pin production manufacturers are exist in the developing initial stage among the whole world, because our China bucket tooth pin products don’t build its own brand, and the technical innovate ability is very weak, so it is very hard to control the whole industry chain.

  The current marketing level of our China bucket tooth pin product is that the main sell channels are very simple, besides, the awareness of the resource conformity is not very strong, so the control method of the products’ quality and the on side production management measures are not very good.

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