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Three main production technical can used to produce teeth pin

hits:3693    date:2015-08-21

  In the current condition, there are three main production technical, which can be used to produce the Bofor bucket tooth pin products, such as the sand mold casting technical, the investment casting technical and the squeeze casting technical.

  So the Bofor bucket tooth pin production manufacturer attention that because the mold materials, which used in the sand mold casting technical all sold with a very cheap price and easy to buy, besides, the casting and production process are very easy to operating, so there are several production manufacturers choose to use the sand mold technical to produce the Bofor bucket tooth pin products, because they want save more production costs.

  But writer had to attention these production manufacturers is that if they choose the sand mold technical, the finished Bofor bucket tooth pin products would easy to has some surface flaws, such as the surface absorb sand, air holes or shrink loose, etc.

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