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Three steps to right finish the heat treatment for bucket tooth

hits:2699    date:2016-11-02

  The first step: production manufacturer should hold their wheel loader tooth pin products within the suitable temperature first, after send them out from the furnace, they need put these wheel loader tooth pin into the cold water next, and the total contact time should never beyond one minute, and writer attention that the smallest temperature for these casting wheel loader tooth pin should never smaller than 1000 degrees before normal been put into the cold water.

  The second step: when all of the wheel loader tooth pin casting pieces had been put into the water, the temperature for these water should be smaller or equal thirty degrees, and the highest water temperature during the whole quenching process should never beyond fifty degrees.


  The last step: all of the wheel loader tooth pin casting pieces should be circle walks under the quenching water, and the contact time between the wheel loader tooth pin and water can be range from fifteen minutes to twenty minutes.

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