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Optimize the manufacturing techniques for bucket tooth

hits:2851    date:2016-10-09

  Professional wheel loader tooth pin production manufacturer indicate that even through the design for the wheel loader tooth pin is very reasonable and the raw metal materials are very suitable, but without no suitable production manufacturing techniques and heat treatment techniques, these wheel loader tooth pin also easy to has the earlier lose efficiency problem. So when manufacturing these wheel loader tooth pin, production manufacturers should not only guarantee the high casting quality and heat treatment quality, but also need to pay more attention on the compound quality and the bead welding quality between the steel based body and harden insert.


  During the casting technique process, wheel loader tooth pin production manufacturers need to ensure the temperature for the pouring process is suitable, the total open box time and the volume for the harden insert contents is right, but also need to ensure the heat treatment had meet up with the national production standard requirement, so these final wheel loader tooth pin would gained the best abrasion resistance ability.

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