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Provide the surface abrasion resistance bead welding treatment to bucket tooth

hits:2866    date:2016-09-27

  As we know, the high manganese steel and low carbon alloy steel had been widely used as the main raw materials for these wheel loader tooth pin products is due to their big enough tenacity performance, so use them to produce into wheel loader tooth pin can be fully meet up with the tenacity property requirement and needs, but if production manufacturers use the bead welding process to add a high harden resistance abrasion alloy steel layer on wheel loader tooth pin surface, which would not only ensure the wheel loader tooth pin appearance has an excellent resistance abrasion performance but also hard to been broken off.


  Professional wheel loader tooth pin production manufacturer said the choose for the surface bead welding alloy steel for these high manganese steel wheel loader tooth pin should be as the higher hardness degree as netter, but also needed free to buffer the big impact force, so these excellent abrasion resistance alloy steel is the best choice.

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