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Materials for bucket teeth is based on its working conditions

hits:3521    date:2016-08-11

  Profession caterpillar bucket teeth pins supplier had given a using skill to all of users is that they need according to the different excavate projects to choose the right bucket teeth, because it is the initial project to ensure these caterpillar bucket teeth pins can be guarantee its limit service life. For example, reply on the different working conditions, profession caterpillar bucket teeth pins supplier said the main raw materials for bucket teeth also needs has some changes as well, or the best performance for bucket teeth would can’t be play.

  Bucket teeth has several different degrees abrasion and loss damage is reasonable, because it needs closely contact with excavate projects, besides, under the different working stages, the friction force also changed, but if the total abrasion quantity had beyond fifteen percents, to prevent bucket teeth has lose efficacy problem, profession caterpillar bucket teeth pins supplier suggests people to use the new bucket teeth to instead the old bucket teeth.

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