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Quality bucket teeth pin affects the play of the whole device

hits:3915    date:2015-07-21

Bucket teeth pin is connected to a part, a lot of people have not paid enough attention to it, this is actually wrong, those excellent quality, and the entire machine with a good bucket teeth pins can well play a facilitating device features.

For example, it is a vertical type or horizontal type, there is a different impact, vertical type of structure is more simple and therefore easy to use squeeze Feng's, so that the bucket teeth replacement will be more rapid, improved mechanical efficiency, especially when very tight work properly, its role is more prominent. The horizontal type some to be more stable, it is not easy to fall off.

In addition, there is fighting tooth pin very durable, as bucket teeth is a need in the mechanical parts often used to regulate perform its functions, the direction, largely relying on bucket teeth when the pin to achieve, as the connection components, to bear a lot of pressure, and friction, so be sure to be able to wear and there is durable, can effectively reduce the damage, repair times replaced. So to guarantee the smooth progress of the work to improve the efficiency of the work is helpful.

Thus, it's very good quality for the mechanical ability to play out the original features have a great impact.

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