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Bucket teeth pin hilt need to has the big enough strength and tenacity

hits:3018    date:2016-01-10

  The common installation position for these ESCO bucket tooth pin products is on the front part of the excavator bucket, which belongs to the cantilever component part, as general, the ESCO bucket tooth pin is makes up by three different contents, such as the shovel head, shovel holder and the ring circle clamp and so on.

  Because the ESCO bucket tooth pin had to directly contact with the excavate materials, such as the mine stones, sand soils and rocks, some of them has a very big hardness degree, so when contact with the materials, bucket teeth pin had to suffer the impact force effects, but also need to suffer the bending moments effects at the same time. If the teeth pin top part has effected by the strongest impact slipping materials abrasion, the bucket teeth pin top part’ surface may easy to has some surface abrasion damages, such as variety types furrows or deformation changes, the worst damage is the whole bucket teeth pin top part may fully wipe off from the excavator bucket.

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